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  • Rev Chris Miller on Mark 16:18
    There is no Mark 16 18. The KJV is based on an inferior text. The verses 9 20 are based on a later manuscript the early texts do NOT include these verses. As a matter of fact, Mark 16 18 is in direct contradiction to Matthew 4, where the devil tempts Jesus in the wilderness. This is no different than the devil 's demand he throw himself off the temple. "You shall not put your God to the test. Why do you insist on using an inferior text as the basis for your faith? Why wouldn 't you want the most accurate text of the Bible? Why do you risk your faith on a bible that didn 't even have a complete NT in Greek, so they had to retranslate the Latin back into Greek then into English. That is 3 translations. By the 3rd time, good luck. Pr Chris


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