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  • Mathew are you serious? This is about the last days. Its a general reference to the state of mind that Mankind will have. They will feel at ease, like it says and they will be eating and drinking and giving in marriage. Its only stating that people will have basically forgotten about God. Just when they think, where is this God of yours , where is the promise of his coming? IT has NOTHING to do with the character of King Arthur! sheesh How in the world you could ever come up with that idea I surely do not know. This is the state of mind our world is in at this moment. I looked this up only because there will be covenant made with Israel for seven years of peace and who but the pope is visiting with Israeli and Palestinian leaders this very weekend. Will this be the very covenant to bring in the beginning tribulation period? If not I think its right around the corner with all that is going on. Russia and China are getting all cozy together. Russia is pushing its limits again. And the U.S. ? We are right in the middle of all kinds of things.


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