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  • David maguire on 1 Esdras 1
    The earlier translation of the bible in about 1385 of John Wycliffe consisted of 80 books. JW and his team of scholars translated the first hand written copies of the complete bible canon into English. This caused much controversy in the Catholic chirch and a law was passed whereby no person was allowed to be in possesion of an English Bible. After JW death, when this law was passed, his body was exhumed and burnt together with the bibles. Why? Later Tyndale was accused of translating bibles into English and warned to stop. He didnt heed the warning and was put to death by strangulation and then burned at the stake. The King James authorized version was only Authorized after 14 of the 80 books were removed by the Church. This is tantamount to deception and covering up what did not conform to the evil that was prevailing within the Church and these books form a part of what the Bible should read today


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