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  • Ossie on Genesis 4
    Picture yourself in that time of the Bible event. Obviously a city then was much smaller with less people. And the events did not happen day by day. It 's not a running commentary in that way. If I asked you to explain your life history in 5 minutes, how would you word it? Eg. "I was born in 1970. I live in Paris. My wife is Jane. " But was I born in Paris? No, I did not say. But I am living in Paris today. And I obviously did not marry my wife in 1970. verses 1 and 2 if Genesis 1 are 2 DIFFERENT times. Gen1 1 was BILLIONS YEARS AGO. Gen1 2 was 6000 years ago. Now we have a CLEARER understanding. Bible is THEN consistent with science. 6000 years ago was recreating of the Earth after Lucifer Satan tried to destroy it.


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