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  • Nini m on Exodus 22:18
    people, God 's Word is His Will or Plan. Do not add to God 's Word, do not subtract from it. Do God 's will. Obey. Dont be like King Saul whom God rejected because he chose to do what he 'thought " God was implying and ended up disobeying God. Suffer the witch NOT to live God knows exactly what He meant with this. What about those people they hold in bondage? Jesus fought with Sadduccees and PHarasees NOT the Spirits Remember Ahab who was ordered not to spare Benhadads life and chose to do 'his will " Disobedience. Thats what it is called. Whose will are we supposed to do anyway? What we feel is right or the perfect will of Godl. Do Gods will not what you think is right. Obey


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