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  • Bill on Revelation 18
    So many Christians confused! SALAVATION is a gift from God. Once one accepts Jesus Christ as their Savior, they have automatically established a RELATIONSHIP with God. FELLOWSHIP with God is distinctly separate from Relationship and coms AFTER Salvation. Enoch, a type of the rapture, was taken because he WALKED with God not because he believed in God...Of course, he believed in God but, that was not the reason he was taken Raptured! . There are two types of Christians Those who are saved but, CARNAL as Paul states in I Corinthians 3 3. This Christian is not in Fellowship with God. The other, is saved AND walks with God! The Bible refers to him her as a FIRSTFRUIT as opposed to CARNAL. Only FIRSTFRUIT Christians will be Raptured! A Firstfruit Christian starts their day with asking themselves, "Will what I do today and what I plan to do tomorrow PLEASE God? " and conducts themselves accordingly. There no works prior to Salvation that count for anything! Rewards, which being in the coming Rapture of the Bride of Christ Firstfruits is included as such, are based on a Christian 's FELLOWSHIP WALK with God...same as Enoch.


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