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  • Ben weaver on Mark 11:23
    V.23 I think life has many hills for us to climb over, but mountains that hinder us from walking in God's perfect will must be spoken to with the authority we have in Jesus. However, I recently read and liked a comment with a different view of this verse. Jesus said "THIS MOUNTAIN", not just any mountain. He may have been refering to Himself and his kingdom. Daniel 2:35 indicates that our Lord's kingdom "became a great mountain". Might Jesus have been saying that his followers shall proclaim his kingdom to be hurled into the sea of humanity. He had just caused the fig tree (type of Israel) to wither by speaking to it - hense the new kingdom to be spoken into being would be fitting. A mountain in the sea would also provide solid ground to save those drowning. Jesus did send his followers to proclaim the kingdom of God. This is food for thought.


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