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  • A beautiful chapter. The first part is kind of sad, like the daily struggles we may have in being obedient to the Lord because of our human nature, ever find yourself guilty of feeling that what God has asked you to do is an inconvenience instead of jumping for joy that he is calling to you, wanting to be near you, have fellowship with you? Ah.. good ole human nature gets in the way, but later the bride recognizes that she has neglected the bride groom. This whole chapter is such a beautiful picture of the relationship of the bride and bridegroom. So they ask her, "what is your beloved or how is he any greater than another? " and then the verses that describe him.. He is white and ruddy purity. His head fine gold Godly thoughts, pure thoughts and the head that bore the crown of thorns. Eyes of a dove, "He beheld them as sheep with no shepherd " tender eyes full of mercy. Cheeks of spices. Jesus was smitten on the cheek and he retaliated with kindness and mercy. His hands with rings.. Back in the day the rings that sealed documents or the giving of life to someone or their death sentence was the signet ring.. The ring was to attest the authority of its bearer. This is our King and we understand that he will be just and fair and kind. His mouth, "Does a fountain send forth at the same time sweet and bitter water " Jesus was certainly never so wishy washy because he was so completely full of the spirit. It 's a perfect image of our Savior and its easy to see why he is so far above anything or anyone else to us


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