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  • Jim on Revelation 14
    Rev 14 is chronological. You find events listed. In the order they happen. The 1st fruits are faultless and appear before the throne of GOD where angels harps the lamb are Rev 6. They are taken to GOD before the judgement vs 7. Then other events happen in order. You have angels coming in numerical order. You can 't have a 2nd before the 1st. Watch what happens. 1st angel preaches the gospel. Then the judgement and Mystry Babylon is fallen. Then 3rd angel vs 9 mark of beast. Vs 12 and 13 Christians and Jews slaughtered. Vs 14 and 15 Jesus comes on a cloud and redeems from the earth in a harvest. Now that GOD 'S saints are gone the trumpets start blowing the wrath of GOD vs 19 Compare this with Mat 24 and it fits perfectly. You will find Math 24 stops at the harvest and does not describe the grapes of wrath for the are reserved for that Antichrist. People do not want to believe this but it is here in black and white. He that has ears to hear let him hear. Since this is in numerical order of events please show me where the pre trib rapture occurs in Rev 14. I would really like to believe it. If the 144000 are first fruits we must be 2nd fruits but where are the 2nd fruits in scripture. If G GOD declared them the 1st how can we be before the 1st. I really can 't answer this question can you?


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