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  • Dawn of a new day on Romans 2
    Jesus paid the price for our sins so that we can then be free to claim our salvation walk out of darkness into the light Receive with faith the keys to the kingdom of Heaven unlocking our hearts to the willingness of receiving the Holy Spirit as Comforter Helper Teacher and Guide Once anointed within having faith believing it become anointed on by His same Spirit while ever changing from one glory to the next by His grace and mercy we are joined to Him and co heirs to the Throne As brothers and sisters In Christ given right standing with God thru Jesus given authority by the only One Who can give authority we cry Abba Father and praise His Holy Name and THANK HIM for the thing we ask for with faith trusting all that has been said knowing it is Jesus that s living In us to want that thing be done for the good of the other or for yourself loving others truly because we know what Jesus said about loving even your enemies and doing unto others Of course then we know we can trust our changed hearts because we now want for others and ourselves what God wants for is and we NoW walk In authority Whew amen

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