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  • Ethelware on Deuteronomy 10
    Ethel thoughts here are in to parts 1 the old testament way was they saw the hand of GOD moving on there behalf and they was still stiffnecked prophets to guide them and they still rebell against God so God was saying come back to me and keep my commandments put away those other gods from before me and these things I will do heal you deliver you bless you you will prosper you and your seed 2 Jesus came along and said come as you are and follow me do as I do go where I go and when I leave I will send you back my spirit and you will do just as I did one song writer said I don t believe He brought me this far to leave me thats a true statement remembering where the Lord has brought us from so do good and keep the promise in mind through Christ all these things are promise to us to wealth good health and blessings and a chance to be with Father one day Amen

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