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  • Victoria on Acts 2:17
    Well, the reason i even researched this is because i keep having dreams of the end of the world. I Amos 21 and it started when i was about 18 and hasn't really stopped since then. They can vary of the "reason" the world is ending. But the most recent years I've been dreaming of God coming back, and being angry with everyone.In my dreams there are people that are just rejecting him and i can't always remember exactly what happens all i know is that God is sad and angry at the same time.Its almost like i felt how he felt for just a moment. Some times the dreams are horrible and ill think about them during the day. I tell my boyfriend about them which helps,. But i can't help but think. Is God revealing these things to me? or am i just um how do you say, tripping? lol


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