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  • Faustin on Deuteronomy 22:5
    The bible says in the book of Genesis that after the fall, he slew a lamb and He clothed them, I am sure that what Deut22,5; 1Peter3,1-6 and 1Tim2,9-15 are just manifestation of what was done in the garden, God isn't a controversial God but He knows why He is saying so!!! Look around you how women are portraying themselves as "Sex appeal" with their tight and squeezed jean and legging? Do you think they are godly like that? I am not sure according to the word, they just look like sexual tool and you don't even desire marry such women unless for sexual avidity! Lord have mercy because the word of God prone holiness and that is the only thing people are afraid of and by the way they want to dilute the word! Also weak pulpit, those that are there for money making will never speak the truth, afraid to loose their money they make out of church goers! Only a true child of God will recognise the word without doubting it!!! God isn't a "theological entity, bible school or bishop" He interprets his own word and give it to those that yearn for the truth! Shalom


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