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  • Jon on Numbers 6 - 10 years ago
    I think God is saying to stay away from the ways of the world, from over indulgence of the things that tempt us into sin. Keep your focus on what God has to offer and to follow his word and will. God asks us to not allow temptation and influences of worldly ways to affect our focus and decisions we make. In the old testament there are rules and guidelines set by God and the church to follow. Many of the rules of the church are different or more strict than what is said in the New testament. Jesus teaches us to follow his word, his will, and follow the path he has chosen for us. Remember we are saved thru the Grace of what God has given us not by the works we do . As time went on the rules and traditions of the church became more important than the love God has for us. More than what Jesus preached and taught. Jesus was judged because he didn't fully follow the traditions of the church. Don't forget that the love and grace God shows us is how we should live not thru the traditions of the world or church. We are saved thru grace not by works as it says in Ephesians

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