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  • King daniel on Psalms 34:19
    The word 'afflictions' doesn't actually mean illnesses,sicknesses or diseases but it also means troubles(of which diseases are included). Many are the afflictions of the righteous...Who are the righteous ones? 2cor 5:21 says, anybody in Christ Jesus, the one who is born again is the righteousness of God. Rom 5:17 reiterates the same thing. So you may be born again now and probably going through some heat right now,may be in your finances, business, physical body, academics, marriage, relationship, ministry, etc. But you know what? God's Word is coming to you now. Do not be discouraged, do not fear, do not cry. Maintain your composure because God will surely deliver you out that trouble. Hallelujah! How? By continuously speaking what God has said about you concerning your situation, in His written Word. You can start with this same verse. Forexample: one with an affliction in his/her finances keep saying(psalm 23), "the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want..." Dont stop talking it, just keep saying it. And God's Word will surely prevail. Hallelujah!


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