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  • Hayden Smith on Mark 9:29
    I agree with Les Browns comment.

    Also, I suggest we look back to the event. 9 disciples left behind while Jesus took Peter, James and John up the mountain. On there return they find an argument is in full swing. Theologies rendering the authority of the disciples ineffective?

    Jesus rebuke is not to be ignored!

    Wicked and perverse generation... The word perverse implies that those involved in the attempt to heal and also the pursuing theological debate were more interested in themselves, their reputations and glory than they were in the plight of the boy and his father.
    I can hear them judging the boy and the father... Who sinned.
    Jesus did not come to condemn but to set the captives free... When the church gets suckered into a cause hunt, we fail to exercise the authority Christ has given.
    Judge not lest ye be judged!
    Now... Jesus didn't fast... He often prayed, but not for this boy... He didn't upbraid the father for his lack of faith... And Jesus is our example!
    The usefulness of fasting is not an increase in our authority, it is useful in reducing us. Getting our religious and theological biases out of the way and turning us towards the work of God... Set the captives free!


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