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  • Anonymous on Exodus 21:10
    It's disturbing and sickening that RogerCox (or anyone) would even attempt to say that this act is ever okay. Whether it was commonplace then or not is entirely irrelevant. Owning slaves and doing the things to them that the Bible dictates is NEVER okay. In ANY context. EVER.
  • Maran - in Reply on Exodus 21:10
    Hebrews did not have Hebrew slaves. Hebrew Maidservants and Menservants were PAID occupations. A girl's father was paid for her service to her boss's family. In turn, they provided her room & board and meals for free. It's not much different than if I hired a live-in maid. Except of course, a live-in maid would get her wages paid to her directly, but Hebrew girls back then didn't have much to spend money on, so their wages typically went to help provide for their family who they lived with until marriage.

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