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  • Allen on Genesis 1:28
    The word "replenish" means to replace, usually with more, certainly with something, but definitely something there beforehand. This, along with fossil records and other data, through discernment from the spirit, means that there were beings on the earth prior to Adam and Eve. Void also implies this, as it does not mean "nothing" but rather "wasted". In short, this is the world after the fall of Lucifer from heaven, and God is creating man in order for him to "replenish" it.
  • Steve Wakefield - in Reply on Genesis 1:28
    It seems we're missing a RELLY IMPOTANT POINT- SinceGod gave man dominion over the Earth- - it therefore means it is our destiny that we are supposed to protect and flourish the Awesome gift gave Man! He trusts us to guard and protect the Earth snd Sky! I think collectively that we ahunsns are NOT TSKING OUR STEWRDSHIP SERIOUSLY enough to protect the gift of zdominion over the Earth that he bestowed upon Man! We need to appreciate and protect the gift of dominon over the earth and as the keepers of this loving gift - so far we Suck and need to immediately start caring for the Eartth he saw fit to leave in our Care as a loving gift! We had to find out hard way by being hit on the head with a 2x4 that has CV-19 written on it to show that FORCING PEOPLE TO STOP driving and a Polluting HAS shown to be QUIE EFFECTIVE at immediately improving air quality- - so, therefore it's up to US TO Learn and follow the path of light to better care for ourEaryh before it's too late to save what we're su
  • Vendall - in Reply on Genesis 1:28
    Steve, yes, we must take care with all of the blessings we have from God and give thanks daily for His many blessings. But what does driving cars have to do with covid 19?

    While it is practical and conservative to keep your personal and collective environment as clean as possible; SIN is the real pollutant! We are not only guilty of sin, but great sins such as blasphemy, abortion and sodomy, which God has called evil, mankind has called good! God will not be mocked!!

    Do not doubt that this earth will remain as long as it serves HIS purposes. This should give you comfort! If the covid crisis brings more fish to the net...I say Hallelujah!!


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