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  • Prayed4U, since you asked on Matthew 7
    Sylvis's Matthew Chapter 7 comment about verse 7 on 11/21/2013, 12:57pm...

    I am seeking the will of God for my life. I was given this scripture for such a time as this. Pray for me as I follow through this journey.

    I prayed for you just now. God bless you, I doubt you'll see this, but I felt physically more energetic, better immediately after praying for you--the prayer came easily too (indicating, I think, at least, that it was The Holy Spirit, or Father God's words--b/c it flowed quickly), also I hope things work out well for you (I mean you asked for prayer on your journey). Please pray for me as well, that I obediently follow God's word, and that He delivers on the promises that I am standing on (some of Jesus's words from the book of Matthew) this week. I think this is dependent on my obedience though (I mean for this specific situation--b/c God CERTAINLY blesses those who have NOT obeyed Him, even, like right after they've disobeyed Him--IDK if it's after a remorseful spirit--or/and it's JUST Him being merciful to those who aren't necessarily spiritually/mentally where He wants them [us] to be.

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