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  • ELy Day on Romans 2
    Dear Frank,

    You have brought some scriptures from the Bible, good. But I would say becareful, with your interpretation you disqualify yourself from Salvation, if that you apply just for you, it will be not too bad but when you teach somebody that's is a different situation and here in this Chapter God warn us, that is the reason that I would like to reason with you. God has loved us so much that He did not spear the life of His Son (You just imagin that) and Jesus The Lord said I came to do the will of God my Father so All families of the earth can be blessed and Jesus said I came here for the sick sinners and not for the one does not need the doctor, can you say? you see He did not come for the good ones, No, He came for all, an opprotunity to choice. You mention that God is just but at the same time you put examples that to me shows that God is not just, how?, But it is unquestionable that God is Just!, you say He will save just what He wills and it is not our will to be saved; imagine both of us we will to be saved we are both very bad or we both very good and willing, assuming you are chosen, although you conform of not being chosen,how can I say God was just?, to my carnal mind not, the Truth is we can not judge God because many has fallen believing to be right they were wrong. The point is, it is not profitable your point disqualify yourself and disqualify others, like saying who care, it doesn't matter what I do or let's do anything that we may be saved. Still as a free will being we got the option to choice and by doing all with love we will be saved by faith through His Son Jesus Christ who died for all of us, if by Adam we were found on Sin what more by the life of His Son all will be saved if you believe

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