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  • Oseas - 1 month ago
    Everyone should know that all Presidents of the countries of South America are idolaters,spiritually Roman Catholics guided and dominated by the MAN Beast of Sea having 7 HEADS,10 horns,10 crowns,and a NAME of blasphemy-Re.13:1,with headsquaters in Rome,Vatican City,but linked to the Red Dragon- Revelation 12:3.In fact,also in the European Continent most Presidents are spiritually guided and dominated by the MAN Beast of sea,a Gentile Beast,and are also linked to the satanic BODY OF THE RED DRAGON- Revelation 12:3.

    On the other hand,countries considered Christian that remain separate from the Man Beast of the Gentiles,but very similar religiously speaking,influenced by the religious Power of the MAN Beast of sea,for example countries like the United Kingdom, together with the United States(President Biden is Roman Catholic),and others called Eastern Christians and Orthodox Christians,all of these religious nations are linked to the BODY OF THE RED DRAGON-Re.12:3-having 7 HEADS and 10 horns, and seven crowns upon his HEADS.

    In the midst of all this satanic and idolatrous mess are Israel,10 tribes in particular,which for now is NOT linked with the MAN Beast of sea,but soon Israel will be;And the believers spread across gigantic divisions,denominational and spiritual,dominated by countless doctrines,many of them even satanic,as in the churches of Asia at the beginning of the Church of the Lord,and in addition to the 7 churches in Asia,the worst of all happened in the apostate Church of Rome( 1John 2:18-19).

    Isaiah 9:14-16 prophesied:

    14Therefore the Lord will cut off from Israel HEAD and TAIL,branch and rush,in one Day

    15The ancient and honorable,he is the head; the prophet who teaches lies,he is the TAIL

    16For the leaders of these people cause them to err;and they that are led of them are destroyed

    Re.12:4-And his TAIL drew the third part of the stars of heaven,and did cast them to the earth

    But now,even now,from now on,all will be punished- Revelation 11:18

    Get ready

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