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  • Jesse - 1 month ago
    Sinless Perfection (Part 2):

    Is there anyone here that can honestly say that everything you do 24/7 is by faith (under the persuasion of God's Spirit)? What about hobbies? What if you decide you want to go to the movies? What if you want to go play basketball or any other activity you like doing? Do you ever choose to go do something that God's Spirit is not persuading you to do? Remember, that which is not of faith is sin. You see, sin is very deep. We might be doing something that seems perfectly fine, but anything we do that is not under the direction or persuasion of God's Spirit, that is sin.

    We have to be able to differentiate between the flesh and the spirit. God's Spirit fills and seals our spirit the moment we receive Christ, but our flesh will never submit to God. In fact, the apostle Paul talks about his own personal struggles in his walk with the Lord. At no time does Paul claim that he or anyone else is able to reach a state if sinless perfection.

    Every believer will sin on occasion. However, a Christian can no longer live a lifestyle of habitual sin as they did before salvation because they now have God's Spirit in them to convict them when they do sin. It is inevitable that every believer will commit an act of sin at some point in their life. Why? Because we are still in this corruptible body of flesh and we still have the capacity to commit sin. Life is full of choices, and there is a constant battle going on between our flesh and the Spirit of Christ that dwell in us and God allows us to choose. But if we have Christ in us, we can no longer sin habitually. It is impossible for a believer to live a lifestyle of habitual sin because God's Spirit is there to bring conviction and discipline.

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