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  • Richard H Priday - 1 month ago
    Further thoughts on seeking insight today.

    I am of the firm belief that a church SHOULD basically involve a scriptural framework with a Pastor associated with elders; and at least one or two deacons. Also; of course I believe that many churches tend to be one sided and while correctly taking care for the flock that no outsiders introduce false doctrine and that spiritual maturity is demonstrated by those who do teach they seem to ignore the fact that the church needs people with other gifts to sustain it.

    One of the practical things which we could consider is others who have a teaching ability; whether specialized in youth ministry; women teaching younger women; or someone qualified to teach Sunday school. This coming Sunday; for example the person who normally plays piano will also teach Sunday school; since he's a teacher in a Christian school the Pastor had no problem asking him to fill in when out of town; also our Deacon will preach as he occasionally is given that role. Again; I have heard some issues that occured with a Pastor that at the time wouldn't have others under him; now he has my friend as a Deacon there after my other friend had spent some time doing some sermons as an understudy; maybe he helped to convince him that having others could be helpful. Being a Pastor doesn't guarantee teaching on an individual level is best mastered; hence for Discipling small group leaders are helpful.

    In allowing people to head up other activities; some supervision is needed because at times certain mind games involving people obsessed with running the show can get in the way. This is why delegating responsibility should be something that isn't avoided but done with caution; nonetheless. It seems those gifted with wisdom who the Lord has given natural abilities that could be paid adequately to get a job done right rather than always doing the cheapest work possible or volunteer work with unskilled workmen is a choice too often made.

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