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  • Pat Aldridge - 3 weeks ago
    Please pray for Liz and her mind, she is going though mantle problems. Also my Son health and me working though the loss of my husband of 54 years. I known where he is but , my world is up side down so empty with out him my my side. He is with Jesus and is in known more pain, he lift that hear for me , And the World . I have to learn how to keep going with out him , till Jesus calls me home. I knew eep looking up and would watching . And praying Lord save the rest of my family. Thank you and also remember Isreal .
  • Regina Byars - In Reply - 2 weeks ago
    Oh Lord! How Loving and gracious and merciful you are! How Kind, compassionate are your ways! Many are The afflictions of the righteous but you deliver us out of them all. You are a Healer and you are close to the broken hearted and those with a contrite spirit. You care about all suffering of any kind! And you are right there by our side! Blessed are those who suffer for they shall be comforted. You have counted every tear as a thousand, all we have in this life is you... bring peace, healing and deliverance and comfort for only you can Lord!

    Jesus! Watch over all families of the World, there is not a day that we don't need you. Thank you God for holding us in your hands! We need you always and forever! Thank you Father for all you do! Thank you for Jesus Christ our Lord, Savior and REDEEMER! our Blood Covering who is The Way! The Truth! The Life! No one comes unto The Father but through Christ Jesus! Thank you for the Holy Spirit! Thank you in advance for every healing miracle through the blood of Jesus The Lamb of God in Jesus name Amen
  • Momsage - In Reply - 2 weeks ago
    And thank you Regina for following the Lord's guidance in posting this prayer! It was such a blessing and made me feel so peaceful and comforted. God Bless :)
  • GiGi - In Reply - 3 weeks ago
    Dear Pat,

    I will lift up your request to the Lord today. Thanks for letting us know your prayer needs. God is good and will hear.
  • Tatsan - In Reply - 3 weeks ago
    The Lord binds the wounded of their wounds, He remembers that man is made of dust, put through the wilderness for 40 years of painstaking He pities His people. He provide springs when they felt stricken, He feed them quail meat when they wished for more richness, and He cured them of the vipers that bite them. For each is a model that represents your family's life, the Compassion of Jesus despite the hardest thing, He saw the work through to bless them above other nations, and so He will do for You. Amen.

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