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  • John - 1 month ago
    My sister wants me to come to Hawaii, but my instincts are telling me that now is not the right time. Please Father God, change her mind and help her see the light! Thank you and God Bless!
  • GiGi - In Reply - 1 month ago

    Take this to the Lord in prayer so that your instincts may be guided by the Holy spirit alone, then you will know what choice is best for you and your sister. I will pray for you.

    Dear heavenly Father, we ask of you in the name of Jesus guidance for John as he considers this offer from his siter to move to Hawaii or to remain here. Give John clarity as to what You desire for him to choose in this matter. Also, guide his sister in Hawaii as to what is best so that there will be agreement between her and John. Fill the needs of both John and his sister so that the decision made will truly be of you and not of themselves. Amen.

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