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  • Robert Valentine on Revelation 12:6
    Hi, Greeting from the descendant Of Noah , I was told about Revelation 12: 6 when i ask My Lord Jesus Christ not long ago , " Lord Jesus , Please Tell me whether am I alive or dead when the end time come's .? " after this question after my Lunch at 12.30pm - 1pm i went for a nap . I heard a Powerful voice saying " ONE PM " i was shock and woke up and the voice 1pm was still in my mind and 1st did not know what was the one PM stand for . Then the little Voice came and ask me , What did you ask the Lord Jesus Before you nap.? at that moment i remembered ,so i quickly saw my watch it was 3pm , went i woke up , so i confirm that i will be alive ,as 1pm past and 3pm I'm still alive .and it lead me to Biblical Verses " I will make the sun set at noon in Israel " mention 12 times in the different books . after 3month from the 1PM voice . then came the next revelation which lead me to this chater12 :6 of Revelation . when I was driving the little voice(Holy Spirit) came and ask me to see the time at my car dash clock , i saw 1230 and I recall back to the Bible that I saw four numbers which Leads me to 1260 days . The little voice told me that There One PM . I was Shock and i can see it's 1260=1pm=Rapture/ending=3 1/2years = the half strength of God's Wrath instead of Seven Years full strength of God's Wrath to those who qualified to stay back as they do all the Dark Things . Dark = Heavy (Sin) , Light = Light very very easy to be Rapture to the Cloud (wilderness) woman = Mary = Church = Believer of Jesus Christ . Woman in Labor pain = the persecution of the church , Dragon = Satan = 666= same one faith = seven heads = seven kingdom , child = Jesus = Israel . And i saw many Vision Thank You and Repent now as He will come Like the Blink of an eye , that fast . No more Negotiation ... when the door is shut it's shut for good like many people i told them ,they say I'm crazy which bring me to Noah 's Ark Door shut which one man correct and the whole world wrong . Please forward to many humans as fast as possible .for the date I Know and work out to be Within 70 years . So I'm alive to see the End Time . Coincidentally We are celebrating 50 Independence day East Malaysia (Sarawak) and I'm born in 1963 which is the same of my age 50 years old this year . God said no one can live over 120 years old , Song of Solomon 120 deduct 50 = 70years if God give me to live until 120years old which i think i can't . conclusion = Within 70years Our Lord Jesus is coming to take us away . Where God prepared her a place save for 1260days after that He will appear / reveal to the world after 1260days=3 1/2years Wrath ,every knee will bow and every tongue confess that he is Lord . when that time we will all come back to earth and rule for 1000years then the Head of Dark side is release for a while and then Lock up for ever n ever Amen . Thank You Lord of Heavenly Armies for Sharing this Testimony .


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