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  • Richard H Priday - 7 months ago
    Repentance: Granted by God AND lived out in the lives of true saints of Christ

    Without a heart change; we won't have works that are done that produce any good fruit. Thus; we need the gift of repentance ( Rom. 9:15-16) to bring us to saving faith in order to have the desire in our hearts to serve; obey and love Christ ( Ezekiel 11:19; also see Mark 1:15).

    An example of this is when Christ says that we who are evil still can give "good gifts" to our children ( Matt. 7:11). The problem with such actions isn't toward what is done for the recipient (unless there is a deliberate attempt to control; spoil or manipulate their behavior which may be more common than some parents want to believe). Another example would be with those who give their lives to charitable causes but choose not to preach the Gospel. I won't name names here but this has happened with famous people in the past; and there are charities today which I don't support that refuse to proclaim the Gospel.

    Of course if the only repentance had to be the type associated with our moment of salvation there wouldn't be so many warnings not to fall away. We are foolish to be so myopic as to disregard examples throughout scripture where sins have destroyed lives; even of saints. We see people in the New Testament who die prematurely due to sinful lifestyles ( 1 Cor. 11:30; James 5 end of chapter). The whole of 1 Corinthians and much of 2 Corinthians shows a slew of problems such as incest; greed; disputes; gluttony; jealousies; etc that needed to be dealt with. It also shows how they were indeed to judge disputes among themselves not the world; in 1 Corinthians chapter 6 and several other passages in the same book regarding those living in grievous error and covering for women.

    With the context of the church and the Old Testament we see that not only individuals but nations are petitioned to be forgiven (such as with Daniel's prayer after the 70 year exile). A little leaven ruins the lump.

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