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  • GiGi on Numbers 33 - 9 months ago
    This chapter recaps the journey of the Israelites when the LORD God delivered them from their enslavement in Egypt in miraculous and at times fearsome ways. The LORD God went before them in the pillar of fire or cloud leading them through the desert to bring about their readiness to enter the promised land. He feed them with manna and quail, made water to flow from rocks where there was no flowing water before. At Sinai, He covenanted with them to be their God and they His people. Over forty years the people who came out of Egypt died in the wilderness as God had said would occur because of their unbelief. This new generation would be the ones who enter the land promised under Joshua and Caleb's leadership.

    Aaron had died on Mt. Hor when God had called him up the mountain to breathe his last. Now, encamped east of the Jordan River in Moab, God tells Moses to instruct the people to drive the people out of the land completely, to destroy all items involved in idol worship. He also warns them that if they do not do these things, the people they allowed to remain would be a source of vexation to them as long as the Israelites occupied the land. God also said that if they fall into the same idolatry as those they drive out, then God will drive them out of the land also.

    God did not give a lengthy speech to these people here. he was very concise and pointed in His instructions. What He wanted the people to do was very plain. Yet, God knew that the people will not follow his commands fully. And He especially knew that the Israelites would repeatedly turn to idolatry, divination, witchcraft, and sorcery over the time He allows them to possess the land. Even so, He puts forth His commands and that is that!

    The Israelites are so, so close to receiving the fulfillment of the promises made to Abraham. They have encountered the LORD God in amazing ways that should have burned into their hearts the worthiness of God who they are to worship alone. How many will stay true?

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