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  • Adam
    Thought I'd just comment on news I've noticed lately about the pride movement pushing and pushing. Christians have been tolerant of this and sometimes quiet in taking a stand to not ruffle feathers- as perhaps some church goers may even be caught up in this deception. Joel Osteen totally dodges subjects like this for example.

    But I think we're reaching a breaking point. I no longer think staying quiet and being tolerant is an effective strategy. God opposes the proud and especially sexually deviant or perverted, especially when targeting innocent kids. So, I think we're closer to full out war in a spiritual sense. The satanic side is full on fighting and some are still sleeping while their kids are being indoctrinated 24/7 at school, on social media, news. It's now apparent they are not letting up one inch and are in full offense and our side has hardly even mounted a defense. Some Christians are being plowed over and even converted to satan's morals instead of God's morals.

    This is both a prayer request and observation that we are in a full out culture war of good vs evil. They deceive by claiming they're the good guys and that their morals are good and that God's are bad. Classic satan's signature of reversing of the truth.

    Also, its apparent that the US is being destroyed. At some point all political sides must agree on this basic fact that the dollar is intentionally devalued- worth less, that millions of illegals have come in, many soldiers from other countries, like a trojan horse. And drugs, crime, murder is possibly an all time high. Everyone needs Jesus so badly. How will we get the message to them when our freedom of speech is under attack. Will we mobilize some effort to push back on this or just roll over and do nothing?
  • GiGi - in Reply
    Hello Adam,

    These things concern me greatly, too. Back in the 60's and 70's the issue regarding sexual freedom was centered on sex outside of marriage and living together without being married. Birth control was the means by which people could freely indulge their sexual freedom without consequences and abortion was the back up plan. Their strategy worked so well that now it seems that most couples live together before marriage. society became desensitized to this sinful lifestyle and it became "acceptable".

    Then in the 80's and 90's it was homosexuality that was being touted as the next barrier to eliminate in our communal sense of morality. The desensitization began full throttle with so many celebrities "coming out of the closet". Once society became so desensitized to this lifestyle, same sex marriage was next on the docket and then the right of homosexuals to adopt children.

    Next, came the LGBTQ+ push in the last 20 years to include whatever sexual deviant lifestyle one chooses to pursue. Now in the 20's transexualism and gender fluidity is being pushed strongly. Bruce Jenner's decision was publicized with full embrace.

    The most hideous aspect of all this perversion is the targeting of children these lifestyles cannot produce. The agenda is to groom and recruit more and more young people so that their % of the population increases giving their lifestyle more power and political clout. Parents need to wake up right now to what is going on in schools.

    Having recently retired from public school teaching, I saw what was being proposed by the state dept. of of education and how it was being implemented in locale schools by first indoctrinating teachers and not allowing teachers to object without repercussions. I am glad I was able retire before all this social justice, equity, and social learning was required to be taught. I would have resigned anyway after speaking my objections, but covid brought about my retirement.

    So sad what is happening.
  • Adam - in Reply
    Hi GiGi,

    That's an astute synopsis of the demoralization of our society. It's really sad and heartbreaking witnessing it. So many are deceived and alternative views are suppressed or silenced, where it doesn't seem fair the default deceptive messages people are exposed to. I feel compelled to fight against this somehow but I don't know how. Maybe I'm not alone in feeling this way. Others seem to just believe this is just part of what is prophesied to happen, like we're just temporary passive observers in this life and can't change or do much. I feel my influence is so limited.

    I'm somewhat against centralized organizations like denominations, but I also wish such structures could somehow be leveraged to push back more strongly against all these perversions. A clear alternative should be there to the world's nonsense and baseless and fake morals. Hopefully this is happening and I'm just not seeing it yet.

    God bless!
  • GIGI - in Reply

    For me, my children are adults, no grandchildren yet, and so, my skin in the game isn't the same as those parents with young kids. Even so, just like with abortion, we can continue to stand unwaveringly against immoral influences in our culture and especially the governmental strong-arming to silence citizens.

    Like you, I don't want to just let this all happen without a reasoned resistance and the offering of a meaningful alternative to what is being pressed on us to become normative. Certainly there are some options already open for us: attending school board meetings and speaking up; being involved in the campaigns of candidates we can support with a good conscience; refusing to be involved with community events that feature these debasing lifestyles such as Pride celebrations.

    I admit that I should begin to be involved in some of these ways. I certainly will continue to seek in prayer the direction the Lord would have me take at this crucial time. For those of us who experienced a very different U.S.A. culture growing up than what children are experiencing now we should be alarmed. Those who do not know such a different past have been acclimated to this immorality already. So, how do we speak to these folks who view our recall of our childhood as an "OK Boomer" moment.

    The assault on the family has been going on for at least a century. Faith-filled godly family units are the foundation of an healthy society and culture as well as what God wishes to bless. All of what we have seen with alternatives to the Biblical family of a mother and father who are married and a positive and welcoming attitude towards having and raising children are an assault on God's order and His purpose for creating mankind male and female. It strikes at the core of human existence and is done so intentionally by those who use their power, money, and influence to bring about a radical change in everyday life in our country and the world. We all should be grieved.
  • Jema - in Reply
    I disagree , we should all rejoice . God is going to make all things new , we humans are not capable of creating anything good , all good things come from God , He alone and His Kingdom alone ,will be good , good for all not just a few . As we know what the future holds then we should all rejoice and not let the things of this world get to us . Rejoice in the LORD , Christ is coming Revelation chapter 21 verses 3-8 . Revelation chapter 15 verse 4 , Revelation verse 14 verse 7 and finally Revelation chapter 11 verse 15 . REJOICE IN THE TRUTH , LOVE TO YOU ALL .
  • Adam - in Reply
    Amen. Like you, I will pray and ask God for his leading on how He wants to use me. Any response should be with love. I've seen videos of some Christians going overboard in public and that starts defeating itself.

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