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  • Adam
    Please pray for the invasion today that the illegal Biden administration is allowing to happen at the southern border. He wants to destroy the country and is actually doing a good job of that. He might just be a puppet of Obama who was born in Kenya according to his grandmother, a biography article before he got into politics, and based on his fake certificate. The democrat leaders probably hate God and loves his worldly woke cult religion and enjoys murdering babies through abortion. This is very wrong and is sick that Christians could even vote for that. I think its a sin to vote for killing an innocent baby that God created, let alone the millions that have already been killed. I think God will punish the USA soon and it may soon cease to exist- as China and Russia could absolutely obliterate this country no problem. USA meanwhile is grooming innocent kids to be trans and commit sodomy and other sins and that is evil. USA is evil and the leaders have no moral compass. They are atheists who have no clue what they are doing. That is why they contradict themselves so much. Pray for this country.
  • Jema - in Reply
    Recently in the U.K. there have been babies born that have been genetically engineered with 3 lots of DNA instead of the normal 2 , one from each parent . This is no joke , read about it , it's all done in the name of medical science . Man thinks he's better than God , Man thinks he can improve on God's wonderful works . In the UK in 2022 between May and December , there were 32,000 that's thirty two thousand unexpected excess deaths . That means that in that time frame 32,000 more people died than what is usual for that time frame . I wonder how many of them had been vaccinated against Covid . I'm guessing they won't release that information .
  • Jimbob - in Reply
    Adam figure it up in months.
  • Jimbob - in Reply
    Adam You got that just about right but I would add something to that.

    This is really interesting.

    Figure up how old o bamah was when he left office.

    Born 8-4-61

    Left 1-20-17

    Don't forget to add the 29th day of February.

    ( Rev. 13:16-18)

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