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  • I am responding to Terrance's comment / question
    which is : "Is homo***uality really a sin?" Yes-
    it most certainly is a sin. I truly sympathize that you are struggling with it , and it is joyful
    that you believe God will deliver you from it in the future . Rejoice , because Christ declared that He will NOT turn anyone away who comes to Him . If you seek forgiveness , healing , and a new life - go to Christ with a penitent heart , and He will not turn you away !!! You are NOT alone , Terrance !!! MANY people struggle with all
    kinds of sins , including ***ual immorality . I do
    too - but I know that God is reforming me , and will complete a work He has begun in me . I have the same hope for you as well ...!! Don't take the sinful state for granted , but do remember the
    theif on the cross who was forgiven ALL his sins and promised by Christ that he would be in paradise with Him that very day ... !! God bless you , Terrance !!!


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