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  • Richard H Priday
    Further insights on coming of the Lord and 2 Peter 3:9

    When we consider how God is patient and wanting to see no one to perish we certainly are aware of different perspectives of this statement. A Universalist; for example would take this to mean that eventually all will be made right with Christ (i.e all will be saved). This; of course is a spurious argument for what should be obvious by many other verses such as Matthew 7:13-14.

    A second thought is that God is waiting to give everyone opportunity to "choose" whether or not to "accept Christ as their personal Savior." I am not going to use this space to delve into that argument either; I will leave it at this; in the end a set number will come to Christ and the same can be said for those who aren't ultimately saved. No matter how you slice it; Christ is already Lord and King of Glory whether or not we decide to acknowledge it; and if He truly is Lord then we can no longer dictate our own lives as to the terms of redemption or how we choose to live our lives after we are saved.

    It makes more sense to me to look at those who are called and chosen as to their whole time frame (pre and post their statement of faith). We need to keep in mind that we were all following the god of this world before coming to Christ and therefore enemies of God. As such; we are under the mercy of His Divine Lordship as to being offered terms of peace and reconciliation through the means of the atonement. So His longsuffering is just as much for His people as for the unsaved masses in general in forestalling His judgment (and I would argue more so).

    Whether we sling the term "common grace" to the fact that there is some comfort for the unregenerate while still in this earthly existence or not; we all need to realize that if saved we are dead to our old nature and lives on this earth. Pleasure only is for those He has called out ( Psalm 16:11) and there is no peace for the wicked ( Isaiah 48:22 and many other verses).

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