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  • Richard H Priday on Psalms 86
    Psalm 86 (part 2). Further study in the psalm leads us to verse 9; where there is the future plan of God to have ALL nations come before God in worship and praise. This would be an allusion to the many verses indicating the Millennial rule of Christ over the remaining surviving people on the earth as well as His glorified saints ruling and reigning with Christ.

    Vsrse 11 shows the importance of the fear of the Lord; and verse 12 shows how praise with all our hearts will glorify His name forever (also see Exodus 20:3; Deut. 6:5).

    Verse 13 shows how David was delivered from the "lowest hell". We certainly can't claim that hell wasn't referred to in the Old Testament with numerous references in Psalms; Deuteronomy; Proverbs and other scriptures. Once again verse 14 shows the type of "violent men" that pursued David; on and off throughout his lifetime; some cases of which later on were a chastisement due to David's transgressions; such as 2 Samuel 12:9-12). Perhaps verse 16 referring to the son of thy handmaid means that David's mother was still alive at the tie of this writing; I am not sure.

    The Psalm ends with David reflecting on God's mercy and longsuffering characteristics. The last verse reminds us of Psalm 23 where a table is presented before our enemies ( Psalm 23:5).

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