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    There IS fear in love; but perfect love does NOT cast out fear; because LOVE hath torment. HE that loveth IS made perfect in fear. I must choose one or the other as to which is true and eternal; from the Voice for God.

    The truth is true and nothing else is true. This statement has two parts: without the first, the second has no meaning, but without the second, is the first no longer true. Truth cannot have an opposite. This can not be too often said and thought about. For if what is not true is true as well as what is true, then part of truth is false. And truth has lost its meaning. Nothing but the truth is true, and what is false is false. Truth must be true throughout, if it be true. It cannot contradict itself, nor be in parts uncertain and in others sure. What God creates has no alternative. The truth arises from what He KNOWS; not what we perceive.

    Perception has a focus.It is this that gives consistency to what we see. Change but this focus, and what we behold will change accordingly. When seeing a wholly sinless world is ALL we want to see, when this is ALL we seek for in the name of true perception, are the eyes of Christ inevitably ours. What the body's eyes see/perceive is only conflict.

    Much of our strange behavior is directly attributable to our definition of guilt; we've accepted the belief the guiltless are guilty. Love and guilt cannot coexist, and to accept one is to deny the other. Guilt hides Christ from our sight, for it is the denial of the blamelessness of God' children. Love creates Itself and nothing but Itself. To the "devil" purity is seen as arrogance and the acceptance of the self as sinful is perceived as holiness. TEACH ONLY LOVE.

    Romans 2:11 Romans 13:10 Eph. 1:4 Eph. 5:14 Eph. 3:17-19 Eph. 4:29 Philippians 4:8 Titus 1:15 2 James 3:17-18 1 John 1:5 1 1 John 4:7-8


    GOD IS

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