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  • WALKEC29
    What does the word "PRUDENT"
  • Alex1939 - in Reply
    WALKEC29...Good question,..But Jesus said these things are hid from the wise and Prudent but revealed unto babes...Which is that New Creature...the H.G...The Child of Promise...Thats y Jesus said that which is born of the Spirit is Spirit...Which is our new heart and new Spirit...our New Innerman from Jesus good seed sown in in our hearts...Gal.6:15..Neither Circumcision nor Uncircumcision Availeth anything in Christ Jesus but a NEW CREATURE..Which is the H.G. that Child of Promise...But these things are hid from the wise and Prudent...But revealed unto BABES and Sucklings ..Its above mans brilliant carnal minds simply b/c its in the Spiritual realm...In the living word above the written word...The killer, but the living words is a living being.. Christ in us.Brilliant / Prudent or not...Faith does not look for prudence of even brillience...The only Qualification is hearing his words his good seed that formed Christ in us sinners...My lil Children of whom i travail in birth till Christ is formed in you...No matter how prudent we are...There is a Child in our future ....She brought forth aman Child that is gona rule all nations..Which is the H.G. The Child of Promise...It don't matter about our I.Q. or our Prudence...Its a whosoever will Gospel...I was found of them that sought me not and made manifest unto them that asked not after me Isaiah 65:1...Which is the new covenant I will know them ALL from the least to the greatest... Isaiah 31:34 ..Mans Carnal minds is the very enemy of God....The only thing that pleases God is that NEW Creature that is born in us via faith...Even back in the O.T. Sarah's faith resulted in a Child called Isaac...But now under this New Covenant the Child is the H.G. that Child of Promise...The Kingdom..

    Whosoever receiveth one such Child in MY NAME receiveth ME...When they argued which of them was the greatest Jesus set a Child in their midst...Unless you receive the Kingdom of God as a lil Child you will in no wise enter there in...K
  • GiGi - in Reply
    Hello Walke,

    To be prudent means to be wise in your decisions and actions using common sense and being circumspect about decisions.

    It means that one is not hasty in acting or making choices, nor prone to acting on a whim, but to think things through to foresee outcomes and possible benefits or harm from a certain choice. A prudent person uses wisdom learned from experience or trusted counsel.

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