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  • James Bell on Matthew 19:17
    I have a serious question. How do we reconcile vs. 29 with the commandment to honor thy mother and father...?

    Jesus restates in Matthew 15:4 the importance of this commandment as well as Paul in Ephesians.
  • Chris - in Reply on Matthew 19:17
    Hi James. The command to give honor to our parents is to show the respect, love & readiness to be there for them when they find themselves in need. Yet, in some homes sadly, sexual abuse, drunkenness & disorderly behavior can make the child's desire to love or obey the commandment so much more difficult. Fortunately, there are laws for their protection & removal.

    Then, as you quoted Matthew 19:29, and I would also submit Luke 14:26, we read of what seems a departure from giving all due love & respect to parents. However, I don't believe Jesus wants those who wholeheartedly follow Him, in maybe some service that takes them far from home, to stop loving or respecting their parents. It's a matter of priority that the Lord gives: He must always be first in our lives - even before family & self. Those who have the call of the Lord upon their lives, can certainly trust Him to care & provide for his or her family; and the family (parents) should certainly understand the burden upon their 'child' to serve & that the Lord will see to all of their needs.
  • Sammi - in Reply on Matthew 19:17
    Not all of our , by that I mean gentiles / none Jews , mothers and fathers are Christians . Or even religious at all . The commandment was given to the Israelites and is part of the covenant of Moses , we are not under that covenant , we are part of the new covenant , Christians . We can still honour our parents , even if they are not Christians , we can still treat them with kindness and affection and respect . We , as Christians , should treat everyone with kindness and respect , but , who is King in our hearts ? If our mom or dad said to any of us : I don't want you in my house if you are a Christian ! Give it up or get out ! What would we do ? What do we think God would want us to do ? Would we do it ? So , it's just about treating everyone with kindness and respect but keeping Jesus enthroned in our hearts and anyone who doesn't want to know us because of our faith ? Stay friendly if possible ? If not , so what ? Prioritise , that's all .

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