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    In the commentary for James you refer to the apostle Paul as St. Paul. Do you believe the aostles can be saints, were do you find that in the bible? Is this a beief system for the church of Christ. For me it seems to be a view the catholic support.

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  • Texsis - in Reply on James 1
    Not only can they be but all, except Judas (that betrayed Jesus) are saints.! The apostles are the disciples of Jesus and all were canonized (made saints) with the exception of Judas. A saint is "anyone" who has led a virtuous life and or "martyred" for their faith and 'usually' has 'miracles' attached to them. Plus, anyone placing their life & trust in Jesus as Chris said. So if one truly believes, and only God knows the heart, can be a saint. He can weed out the false people saying & or acting holy.
  • GiGi - in Reply on James 1
    Hi Linda, The epistles often speak of believers as the saints. You can check this out in your concordance. So, anyone who believes is a saint. I think it is fine to call any believer alive or dead a saint. But we are not to pray to them or venerate them as is done in the Catholic church.
  • Chris - in Reply on James 1
    Hi Linda. To remain true to the Bible, we find in numerous Scriptures, the word 'saint(s)' is used. You can type that word in the Search box & you can check out the verses.

    The word 'saint' finds its root in the verb, 'to sanctify'. And this means 'to make Holy, to set apart'. So when we see it written in the Bible, we understand that it refers to the holy, separated ones to God, i.e. to Christians. You are a saint as you've placed your trust & life in Jesus. But the RC definition isn't correct, where they appoint some special persons to sainthood. This is not biblical.

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