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  • Philip Christian Parks on Isaiah 45
    made; Isa. 45:18 = When translated from the Hebrew verb root "asah" (transliterated' "aw-SAW"), the term "made" describes the sequence of GOD first "creating" something out of nothing, and then shaping and fashioning "formed") that "creation" into its beautiful and useful existence. Finally, HE arranges, places, and securely fixes ("established") HIS Creation for HIS and man's availability and use.

    Compare GOD's subsequent actions immediately after HE "created the heaven and the earth" ( Gen. 1:1). Note that "the earth was without form and void" ( Gen. 1:2). GOD's creative finishing touches of "forming" and "establishing" that which HE previously "created" occurs throughout the following verses (vv. 1:2b - 2:3).

    Understand, the act of GOD's "forming" and "establishing" HIS Creation required DIVINE miraculous Words and Will that only JEHOVAH GOD possesses, and that JEHOVAH GOD solely could accomplish.

    established; Isa. 45:18 = When translated from the Hebrew root verb "kuwn" (transliterated "koon"), the term "established" describes GOD setting HIS Creation and HIS fashioning of it into its permanent place and operation.

    Consider GOD's "establishment" of the sun which HE created in the heavens ( Ps. 19:4):

    "In them hath HE set a tabernacle for the sun."

    In addition, consider GOD's "establishment" of the earth ( Job 26:7):

    "HE stretcheth out the north {the vast expanse of the northern heavens} over the empty place {nothing exists for support}, and hangeth the earth upon nothing."

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