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  • Richard H Priday
    Prayer: Conclusion.

    I suppose this could be a sixth fact or point. Recognition of when a prayer is being answered needs to be addressed. My earlier comment on God answering things NOT according to our request is probably more common than we sometimes like to admit.

    One personal example is my dad who was very much against believing that Jesus is Lord; or sin; the Rapture and basic concepts whose mind has gone to the point that he is asking questions about basic facts about Jesus. In this case His not remembering has allowed him to disengage from all his defenses and perhaps that can allow at least a less biased reaction to information he is given. His salvation BTW is something others can be praying about.

    When it comes to family members; God often uses others to reach them as it is always harder to "see the forest through the trees" or practically speaking avoid seeing the sins that those who are in the immediate family have that can be used against their testimony. We can be thankful that there are those out there who are coming forward among the youth today out of all sorts of sins and many great testimonies can be seen on You Tube. I think that there needs to be a better way to incorporate these testimonies in videos shown at other churches; as well as facilitating to get these people involved with ministry travelling to other churches. That should really be the focus of Christian musicians as well (I won't get into the whole "Christian music industry" here other than that comment). In prayer specifically we need to seek those as we seek that one lost sheep. When preaching the Gospel we should be ready to offer prayer and we should never just be content with scheduled prayer. Life simply doesn't work that way. Needs come up and should be met; a proactive approach should occur more often in church; and that involves at times those trained in discipling. Men need to equip men; and women other women. The more we know God the better we pray.

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