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  • Richard H Priday on 1 Peter 5
    Discussion on Satan as a "roaring lion".

    One of the best ways to describe Satan is as a chameleon which I suppose is something like the serpent in Genesis 3. In order to entice men to sin; he will infatuate the heart; afflict with fear; cripple with sickness; appeal to the baser nature; lusts of the eyes; flesh; violence; etc. The poison bait is always set for the perfect trap for a person based on their disposition. The enemy of our souls would like us to think that he is in charge of hell as well; as he is a master at inflicting all sorts of mental torments which; of course he tries to utilize his own "cures" such as sorcery; witchcraft; and any variety of false religions to bring short term; temporary relief while upping the ante on the toxin. Obviously; self destruction is one of his favorite things; and he can use those with violent fantasies through video games; for instance to try to "rule the world" by such methodologies. Whether they be a two bit bank robber that is shot dead at the first try; or a mad dictator nearly ruling the world the end is surely the same. Antichrist will be the final ruler and; of course right before he destroys all humanity he himself will be the first one to be thrown into the lake of fire; along with the false prophet Satan's other tool. Satan's doom will be after the 1000 years confined to the bottomless pit.

    As long as we remain in these earthly bodies and with a fallen nature whether Christians or not we must NEVER underestimate the enemy. He will be allowed to test us; if He did this with Paul and with Christ and with Job we are certainly (that is if dangerous to his kingdom) be on his list. For most of us "peons" he will use one of his emissaries to do the dirty work; he saves his personal efforts to those at the top of his heirarchy and the same can be said for top principalities and powers at his command. I am convinced that prayer is at the top of the goals he has to throw the wrecking ball at.
  • Bks59 - in Reply on 1 Peter 5
    Now that was really great what you said. I needed info like that.
  • GiGi - in Reply on 1 Peter 5
    Yes,, Richard. Satan is our adversary. I have wondered if he and the angels watched while God created Adam and Eve. Or, if they did, was he already in his fallen state and so became very envious and determined to destroy this creation imprinted with the image of God. He does want to destroy the human race anyway he can. He knows he cannot destroy God. so, he continues to rebel, becoming more and more evil with every passing moment. He especially hates prayer, as you said.

    I think he also hates the human family, the marriage union, and the begetting of children. His goal is to decrease the world population any way he can. He especially does not want Christians to be fruitful and multiply because then we would soon outnumber the unbelieving as we bring our children up in the faith! He does not want us to be surrounded by billions of believing who have shared godly values and lifestyles because our influence upon the world would be magnified.

    He hates it when we focus on God in worship and in the Word of Life. He hates it when we share God's truths with others. He hates it when we build one another up in faith and love. He hates it when we have harmony between us and when we are united in purpose. He hates it when we magnify the Lord ad refuse to give him undue attention.

    We need to be wise concerning him, but confident that God will protect us. The Holy Spirit lives within us. There is no room for him in us and the Spirit prevents him from possessing us because we are God's possession in Christ.

    Praise the Lord for that!

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