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  • Richard H Priday
    Judgment coming part 3.

    The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. I'm sure that I've shared that many times in this platform; but who can honestly say that there are more than a handful of the major players in Christian media today or big ministries that demonstrate this in their personal lives? We can tout all day how loving God is; but if we don't accurately preach the scriptures and cherry pick what we want to hear than we are at best showing a shallow view of the God of Israel; at worst creating one of our own imaginations. Christ is Lord; the same yesterday today and forever. He will honor no rivals. The fate of the earth itself along with every soul that He created is exactly what He states in the Word. But with today's view of the Bible being a self help book; or suitable for motivational speaking rather than a literal view of the Prophetic future with a literal hell; heaven and new earth we are warping it's meaning to fit our agenda. Judgement begins with the House of God ( 1 Peter 4:17). We are called to be separated from the world; salt and light. Yes we are "all things to all people" ( 1 Cor. 9:22) but that doesn't mean we have to join in with approval of cussing; drinking; toking and other activities that ingratiate us with that crowd. That is a little different than concerning ourselves with eating an "unclean" food set that may have been set aside for idols; for instance. I won't argue the point of God vomiting out the Laodicean church and if that refers to the Tribulation; but at the very least we can lose our rewards ( Rev. 3:11); or not truly be saved if not hearing the Spirit and what it says to the churches. We also do well to wisely heed verses warning us how to avoid some of the calamities of the wicked; wisely planning supplies and food for multiple disasters that may be ahead. If He tarries it isn't hard to see things could get a lot worse. We also will face growing resistance as one world religion develops. ( Matt. 10:22)

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