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  • Tebogo Mompati Bojong on Leviticus 20
    who is Molech?

    humas sacrifice was it permissible prior to Leviticus 20?

    How does the stroy of Abraham and Isacc relate to Liviticus 20?
  • Sammi - in Reply on Leviticus 20
    Molech was a false god or idol of the Canaanites . Leviticus chapter twenty is a list of laws given to the Israelites . The purpose of these laws is explained towards the very end of the chapter . Verses 22-26 . The LORD our God , has abhorred the things that the people of this land were doing , they would probably have been sacrificing their children to molech , committing acts of sexual immorality and other unmentionable grossness . The whole chapter is important and God explains His reasons for these laws in verses 22-26 .

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