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  • Estelle on Revelation 7
    Is the word Trinity in the Bible??? If so please tell me where that scripture is
  • Baker - in Reply on Revelation 7
    Dear Adam , and T.Levis

    I've read where you both stand , but It is from experience that when this question is asked, the intention is to use it as support and or argument (for) the pre-trib rapture , either for now or in future discussions . As we , and they know , Either word is not in scripture , therefore claiming the method used for support of the Trinity (The Godhead) which is a Triune God , for the rapture . where scripture gets twisted .
  • T Levis - in Reply on Revelation 7
    Hi, no Trinity isn't in the Scriptures aka Bible, I like to stick to scripture, not add or take away. Deuteronomy 4:2, Revelation 22:18-19, I'm not sure why my dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ can't let it go? We shouldn't divide on this, 2Timothy 2:14, especially within a Scripture website, if this was a Doctrine website, perhaps but even then : The scripture says: Matthew 15:3, Mark 7:9, Mark 7:13, Paul & Jesus warned us of this+ Colossians 2:8,

    It's amazingly deeper than Trinity, it's almost like that word exists just to make others feel uneducated, not able to achieve closeness etc. The only time the 3 in One is mentioned is 'these 3 bear record ', but look = there's a different 3 in Heaven than Earth + 1John 5:7,8,

    So much deeper, so much better, we are loved as Sons & Daughters through Christ, Joint heirs, only achieved through Jesus = Romans 8:17, Titus 3:7, Romans 12:5, Ephesians 4:4-6, John 12:28, Revelation 3:5, John 14:13, Luke 11:2, John 17:11,21, whole chapter John 17,

    Believing in anything other than the Words of Life, The Words of GOD, makes us feel more distant, etc.

    Take Jesus at His word, Estelle.

    Hopefully these are helpful
  • Adam - in Reply on Revelation 7
    Hi Estelle, the trinity (or Godhead) is mentioned in verses like 1 John 5:7.

    The Godhead is mentioned in verses like Romans 1:20.

    The KJV doesn't have the word trinity, but "Godhead" and uses 'we' and 'us' plural in places even though God is one. Galatians 3:20

    Some unfortunately use this as a weapon to attack who God is, so its worth noting that the word Bible isn't in the Bible either, but that doesn't mean it isn't one. The KJV doesn't have the word demons, but that doesn't mean there's no demons. It doesn't have "labor", "encouragement", "suicide", "anxiety", "honor", but they are still real and true subjects discussed within. So for any onlookers with questionable motives in their heart, this busts one of the most common strawman arguments dishonestly made against God.

    God bless.
  • T Levis - in Reply on Revelation 7

    You're a friend & Brother in Christ. As I've said before I think I agree with you like 99.9% maybe more like 99.98% of the time. The .02% is Doctrinal Words that aren't in the scriptures. I hope you noted my quoted scriptures to Estelle's question & personal notes, I put in there. I guess it comes down to, 1st What is the point? What message are we trying to convey? Are we answering questions on here, to bring people closer to GOD? Or are we complicating things by doctrine, to make people dependent on us?

    It's The HOLY Spirit that will teach us all things. John 14:26, 1John 2:26,27,

    Jesus said : Luke 8:21, Mark 3:31-35, Matthew 12:47-50, etc. There is Oneness with Jesus & The Father: opened to us, closeness as a Loving caring Father. John 16:27, in fact it's all throughout the Scriptures. It's not hidden.

    What does the word "Trinity" do but Isolate 3 from everything else. A triangle not a body?

    2nd Who even came up with the word, is it the same "teachers of the Law" that have people call them "Father" when GOD says not to? Matthew 23:9, Was the word made to keep people from true fellowship with The true Father in Heaven, personally? Was the word "Trinity" made up to make others dependent on The teachers of the Law" to teach &/or address GOD on the People's behalf? Please look back into the Reformation Period when Martin Luther, Wycliffe, & before that, Jesus faced "the teachers of the Law" all, to set men free from bondage of tyranny within, the very place they/we are supposed to find freedom, liberty, The Father's love & truth. Was it back before Martin Luther or Wycliffe the belief doctrine of Trinity started?

    I read very interesting information about the Wycliffe translation. It said it was during the "Black Plague" that Wycliffe had studied scripture & didn't understand why the "Teachers of the scriptures" were teaching & doing contrary. Then the "death" those whom claimed closeness with GOD lacked power to stop it. Leading to Whycliff Bible.
  • Adam - in Reply on Revelation 7
    T Levis,

    You seem displeased about me expressing my view of scriptures. My comment above is short, factual, and scriptural. I re-read it, prayed about it and stand by it. But you have labeled my view as "doctrine" which sounds like an insult, as if your opinion isn't "doctrine" but my belief of 1 John 5:7 is "doctrine"?

    You wrote "What is the point?"

    You initiated a reply to me so I could ask you that same question.

    My motive for posting is to defend the name of Jesus Christ and never back down even when attacked and insulted by bullies. I trust and stand with God's word. That is my goal. If someone attacks Jesus, I feel a moral obligation to state the truth of the scriptures. I pray about this. Have you fully prayed to God and genuinely asked Him if what you are telling others about Him is true? Do you believe 1 John 5:7 is true?

    "Isolate 3 from everything else"

    This suggests that you misunderstand my view. Trinity doesn't mean 3 Gods. God is one God. Those making a 3 God claim is a strawman argument. Some in the past have even intentionally dishonestly used this as an attack to discredit a believer, for simply trusting in God's word.

    The Bible in verses like 1 John 5:7 says the 3 are 1 so I trust God that this is true. Why should I believe what a human says over what God says? My faith is in God, not man. God says 1 John 5:7 so I believe it. Humans don't need to 100% comprehend the Godhead for it to be true. The Bible specifically says we will not understand everything.

    Satan twists minds, including Christians. If someone's opinion doesn't come from the truth of the Bible, it might not come from God. And if its not coming from God, I have a pretty good guess of where its coming from.

    "I'm not sure why my dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ can't let it go?" I feel 100% at peace with the one short comment I shared to Estelle in this thread. Is it possible that you are not letting 'it go'?

    God bless
  • GiGi - in Reply on Revelation 7
    T. Levis

    I do not think that describing the Godhead as a Trinity isolates believers. I think that it clarifies what Scripture speaks about the Godhead. Adam has often given many Scriptures that speak to the Godhead as a Trinity or Persons who is One in His Being. There is nothing about what Adm has said that necessarily isolates people.

    The Reformers you mentioned upheld the Scriptural teaching of the Godhead being a Trinity.

    I recognize that there are some who adhere to the Oneness doctrine you are speaking of, but the vast majority of Christians now and through the centuries attest to believing that the Godhead is a Trinity. I believe it was Tertullian who first use the term "Trinity".

    Paul mentions often to those he is addressing in his epistles concerning holding to doctrines that were taught by the apostles. So, there is nothing wrong with speaking about doctrinal teachings that can be supported by Scripture.

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