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  • Jag on Revelation 2
    Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love.

    What is first love refereed to by the Lord?
  • Duncan - in Reply
    Jesus is our first love, he loved us while we ware yet sinners. he formed us in our mother's womb, and he created us with love he fearfully and wonderfully made us into the begging.
  • Baker - in Reply on Revelation 2
    There are some reply's to this question on page 2
  • Chris - in Reply on Revelation 2
    Hi Jag. This is a very sad indictment against a Church that was vibrant for the Lord & had a great love for the saints ( Ephesians 1:15,16). Now about thirty years later, Jesus speaks to the Apostle John from Heaven, that the Church at Ephesus which was once well commended by Paul & recognized by the Lord ( Revelation 2:2,3), had given way to a lifeless orthodoxy in belief, in service & in love for each other.

    When a Church degenerates to such a state, Jesus feels the pain as when a spouse becomes unfaithful & looks aside to other suitors. But the Lord is gracious to allow them to reconsider their backsliding, repent & return to their first love. Even though there may have been individual believers that were true & faithful to the Lord (Who was their first love: 1 John 4:19), when those who ought to have been keen to arrest any departure from their relationship to Jesus have been negligent, then the Church as a whole will be judged & the faithful would do well to depart from their midst, finding food for their souls elsewhere.

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