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  • Marc Bryant
    Please pray for me and my mother (Ada Avant) health&strength/protection from the seen&unseen enemies&evil forces!! that are around us. We have been praying for some time now and putting prayer request in, believing in (GOD) that he will find us a affordable rental in a good area. To bring up the problem we have is with the new landlord, when her father was living, we had no problem he knew that my mother is on a fix income and his daughter just see money, not caring about her. we have been looking some senior citizen place and there is a long waiting list and each one you go to you have to pay 85 dollar for a back ground check for each ones, and again my mother is on a fix income, we been looking for apartment and homes and it's hard, also whatever we get have to be on the first floor or have elevators my mother have problems with her walking. It looks like the devil just get in the way. Also forgot to mention the rent is going to be four hundred dollars more and we check Florida rental law and it nothing we can do like other states. Please pray for my mother health she is 87 of age she has a bad heart, diabetes, diabetes neuropathy, rare stomach disease, please pray that (GOD) in (THE NAME OF JESUS) will (BLESS) my mother with a (SUPERNATURAL HEALING) in (ALL AREAS THROUGHOUT)her body mind&soul. Please pray for me I worry a lot sometimes, I am self-employed staying with my ill mother with no saving, if (GOD) call my mother home today what will do where will I go, etc.!!. Please pray that (GOD) in (THE NAME OF JESUS) will (BLESS) me with jobs that I can complete with success and have no problems with pay. Please pray that (GOD) in (THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST) will (BLESS) me with nothing but (MIRACLES&BLESSINGS) in (ALL AREAS THROUGHOUT) my (LIFE),SPIRITUAL,FAITH,HEALTH,FINANCE,PROTECTION THROUGHOUT ALL AREAS OF LIFE PROBLEMS,COMPANIONSHIP,ETC!!.Thank you all for your prayers.
  • GiGi - in Reply
    Dear Marc. I will pray for you and your Mom tonight.

    Dear Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus, we come to You to bring help and healing to Marc's mother Ada.

    Bring her peace, comfort, and mercy as she is entering her final years of this earthly life. Marc wants to have her around a bit longer, so grant his request. When she comes to the last day of this life, we ask that you take her quickly and painlessly, without a grave illness, pain, or prolonged suffering. We thank you for giving her so many years on this earth. We ask that she be blessed by her family.

    We ask that You will provide a new living situation that will meet the needs of both Marc and Ada that is very affordable on Ada's fixed income and what Marc can provide. Have mercy on this family and bless them, LORD GOD. They are Your children forever and thankfully, we know that You will indeed care for their needs in this life and the next. Amen.

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