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  • Shon Scott
    I stream on twitch and I have a good following a good-hearted people that are my regulars tonight after coming back after 6 days off due to an injury and encountered some very disgusting and unruly individuals that decided to talk negativity such as heroin smack other disgusting things my chat is a positive Good vibes chat with good people myself and my moderator had to kick these people out of my stream please pray that these individuals will not take any action in reporting me to twitch because of banning them please pray that certain individuals or others will avoid my chat and never come back in again because any disruption please pray that I will never be banned from twitch because of what myself and the moderator had to do tonight I don't allow negative talk in my room nor do I allow people to talk about things that are not worth talking about in my stream please pray that everything will be okay and there'll be no immediate action taken against me or I will lose my account or anything please pray everything will be okay please pray that you will have these people never to come back into my stream ever again and disrupt it and please pray to keep me calm and to make me strong as an individual and as human being please pray thank you God bless

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