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  • Rocky Perry on Matthew 5:14
    GOD does NOT make undercover secret Christian that do not magnify ThyWORD of Thy whole name. Only way I can be a light is if I set a mans heart on fire for Christ. He might become saved by faith right then or he might be red fiery hot mad at me but he might later on become a fire for my Lord Jesus Christ. May GOD allow me to be in the number that sets the world on fire with the gospel that saves 1Chorinthians15:1-4. Amen. The Truth is the ISSUE !!
  • Levi - in Reply on Matthew 5:14
    By example can one be a light unto the world, let your light shine: The Truth IS the issue! Pray for Wisdom !
  • Free - in Reply on Matthew 5:14
    Dear Rocky Perry Amen!

    Romans 3:22-26

    Stay strong in the word and Jesus, love u in Christ

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