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  • GiGi
    What a wonderful verse for today. I reminds me that God will bless me, but also pour out His blessings upon my children. With my sons being prodigals, I ask for and await this blessing upon them when they will be returned to faith in the Lord by teh working of the Holy Spirit to the glory of our Father.
  • Donna - in Reply
    Dear Lord hasten the return of GiGi's sons to the faith. Let her see it before she leaves this earth. Move in their hearts this very day. Touch, bless, and strengthen Sister GiGi today as well Lord. Thank You for always being faithful. For never leaving or forsaking us. In Jesus name,amen.
  • GiGi - in Reply
    Thank you Donna. So Appreciate your prayers for my guys.
  • Free - in Reply
    God of course
  • Free - in Reply
    Amen dear GiGi, Romans 3:22-26

    Stay strong in the word of Gid, love u in Christ

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