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  • Richard H Priday on Psalms 4
    As with Psalm 3; we see David in a time of distress; as well as knowing how to rest in the Lord (verse 4 and 8). Verse 5 seems to indicate a similar stance to Psalm 51 in terms of a "broken and contrite spirit" as a proper attitude of worship. 2 Samuel 16:5-14 shows Shimei cursing David. This among other experiences of his enemies could result in the sentiments in verse 6.

    We could also see the concept of election in verse 3 where "God sets apart him that is godly for himself."... The contrast of God's people and his enemies is seen throughout not just Psalms but all scriptures. As with the rest of the Bible David shows patience and kindness towards his enemies; patiently enduring Saul's 21 attempts to kill him; as well as the above example with Shimei. Other enemies God uses to chastise him eventually in some cases are dealt with by Solomon when they step out of line ( 1 Kings 2:29). Absolom also had to be dealt with; but David was grieved at his death (he had to congratulate the armies of Israel or they may have been disgraced so he had to compose himself after the event).

    Whether it was his own sin (such as the Bathsheeba incident; or taking the census for the wrong reasons) or those where he was innocently targeted (such as with the madman Saul); David knew how to seek God; or at least listened to the voice of the prophet Nathan. Probably the emphasis of him being a "man after God's own heart" ( 1 Samuel 13:14) was that he never forgot his humble beginnings as a shephard (see Psalm 23). Solomon; sadly got caught up in accumulating many things and ignored God's clear warnings; hence he was the last great King to rule over both houses of Israel before the Kingdom was rent and went into exile. Nonetheless; the lineage of the Messiah would be fulfilled.

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