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  • Frank on Romans 2

    You ask a good question; what about the souls that have not heard about God how does God judge them? There is not doubt that there are those through our history of time have never heard of God. Now as God has said in His Word the Bible He has put the knowledge of God in every mans heart, so man is in excusable in the fact of knowing there is a God. The problem lies in which many do not understand is that we (man) are dead spiritually because of our sin. We are just as a dead corpse that is laid to rest we have no life (spiritually). For that dead corpse to come to life it needs what? Life. The corpse can not gain life on its on it must have life put within it, just as Lazarus lay dead 3 days in the tomb until Jesus came and told him to come forth. Lazarus was dead no life but God put life back in him so he was once again alive. So here in lies the dilemma for man we are alive physically but we are all born dead spiritually, so how does a dead spiritually but alive physically person find God. The teachings of today say that man must accept Jesus Christ as there Savior, that is all well in good but if we are dead spiritually how do we accept a Holy God? We have no spiritual life with in us. The scriptures tell us that “No man has seek after God, there is none righteous no not one” so if no man has seek God how does man find Him? For with out God man is eternally lost for he will wonder in his sin until physical death takes place. God had a plan to save souls but it is Gods plan not ours, salvation is all placed on the ability of God not the ability of man to chose or accept or earn merit through good works, salvation is totally in the working of God and is given to man as God sees fit. John 6:37 ‘all that the Father gives me will come to me, and the ones who comes to me I will by no means cast out.” John 6:44 “No man cometh to me unless the Father who sent me draws him and I will raise him up at the last day.” So who is it that does the work is it man that comes to God? No, it is God that draws or gives to Jesus those that Jesus will raise up in the last day, and “ALL” that are given will come to Jesus and not be cast out. So we start to see that salvation is not universal as taught today and mans choice but it is Gods choice to save who He will. Read Eph. Chapter 1 as God speaks of whom He foreknew and predestinated to salvation it is the elect of God. Who are the elect those God draws to His Son Jesus who will in no wise be cast out. So is salvation our choice? No, its Gods see Rom. Ch. 9 for God has the right to make vessels unto honor and dishonor for God is the creator it is His choice not ours. So in answer to your question, “how does God judge them that have not heard” When salvation is in the hands of God not man, God is not accountable or held responsible because someone has not heard, for God will save all those He has chosen to save. For those that have heard and deny it or those who have never heard and die they are not saved, they will face the judgment of God and they will not enter in to eternal rest in heaven. So what will happen to them, well God is very merciful to man the just and unjust so those that perish with out being born again will simply never exist again. I don’t have time or room here to teach on hell and the wrong teaching there has been on that. If man had a choice in salvation the teaching on hell today would make sense but God is a just God and since man has no part in His salvation why would God condemn a person to hell fire if he had no option or choice to be saved. So God is fair and just and the unsaved will just cease to exist. Hope this helped.

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